Sean pens new PBS theme song

Sean Altman Gig Info seanaltmanlist at
Wed Nov 11 08:13:14 EST 2009

Friends: I wrote the James Bond-inspired theme song (recorded with  
producer Jon Spurney) for Science Mission 101, a PBS TV show that will  
debut on affiliate WQED Pittsburgh this Thurs, Nov. 12th at 8pm, and  
then encore Sun. Nov. 15th at 12pm and 7:30 pm and Mon. Nov. 16 at  
4:30 pm on WQED-TV.

PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania— In the search for America’s next generation  
of scientists, WQED Multimedia in partnership with the University of  
Pittsburgh has produced Science Mission 101, an educational,  
competitive reality television program wherein two teams of Pittsburgh- 
area high school students compete to unravel scientific mysteries.  
Aimed at reaching underserved middle school students and accepted for  
national distribution by APT, the fast-paced half-hour pilot of  
Science Mission 101 will premiere Thursday, November 12, 2009 at 8  
p.m. on WQED-TV.

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