Moon Pudding
Moon Pudding
My 14-note piano solo during Yazbek's sardonic "Hard-Hat's Lament," Moon Pudding's tribute to blue-collar love.

Bought her beer in the bottle
She said she didn't like the can
I spent all that money for beer in the bottle
Why did she go & find another man?

I can't fathom a better musical role model than the eighteen-year-old multi-instrumentalist songmeister, Yazbek. He could romance your heart with the image of "Degas in the color of her cheeks," then suddenly peel the gravy skin off a vat of sewage with the “Sun Myung Moon Song” lyric:

‘Cause Jesus loves & Jesus saves
& Jesus walks upon the waves
& Jesus bleeds & Jesus speaks
& Jesus loves us Jesus freaks
& Jesus drives a Cadillac
He's here right now, I swear
A fat Korean with really greasy hair

At this high school performance we sang even more outlandish lyrics than that, but it was pre-PC, and nobody seemed to give a shit. (1979)
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