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Host a House Concert!
Host a House Concert!
House Concerts: a "How To"
The host's living room (or back yard or office or dormitory lounge or synagogue rec room or church basement) becomes the setting for a solo acoustic performance. For most indoor spaces, amplification isn't necessary.

HOW LONG I do two 35-40 minute sets with a shmooze-snack break in between. The entire event usually takes 2 1/2 hours. At the host's discretion, I can also play one long set without a break.

FEE Negotiable, depending on location (I'm a cheap date in my home town of New York City). I'm available to perform anywhere in the world, but it may be the host's responsibility to pay for my travel and housing unless I'm already on tour in that area. I require a down payment of 50% upon booking.

PUBLIC OR PRIVATE? Your choice. You might want me all to yourselves, you might want me for a family gathering, or you might want to open up the event to the public and charge admission to offset your expenses. It's up to you. Remember, though, it has to be an audience prepared to sit and *listen* to a concert; I don't provide background music while guests mingle!

If you'd like to announce the event to the public, I will provide you with emailable photos and bio information. At your discretion, I will also send an announcement to my email list and advertise the event on my web site. You may also choose to design a web page specifically for the event.

This is a direct quote from the kind host of a successful concert: "Pretzels...$5, Beer...$25, cookies...$10, Sean Altman doing vocal warmups in my shower...PRICELESS!" No waiting around at clubs, no smoke-filled bars, no age restrictions, no ear-shredding sound systems; just an intimate, interactive evening where I and my audience get to enjoy each other's your house. How cool is that?

If the event is public, then the host usually provides soft drinks and snacks (booze optional but welcome), and sometimes guests are invited to bring beer and other edibles. The host provides seating via folding chairs and/or couches, or guests may be instructed to bring their own folding chairs. Kids are welcome and sometimes sit on the floor. I'm a friend to all pets as long as they like pop music.

I usually perform house concerts solo acoustic, which means it's just me and my guitar, unplugged, so I need very little space. Occasionally I bring another musician who might need an electrical outlet. For outdoor or back yard events, I will provide a small PA system for an additional fee. If it's a night time outdoor gig, I require some simple lighting. I always need a small table to display and sell my CDs.

I may need a bed for the night, but rest assured; I'm a perfect house guest.

Email and we'll discuss all details.

"His silky tenor voice produced chills..." -NEW YORK TIMES
"A quirky mix of killer hooks and cheeky instrumentation" -TIME OUT NY
"The CD blows me away. This guy is the anti-Kurt Cobain" -NEW YORK PRESS
"A pure popster....An eclectic and eccentric edge" -GOLDMINE
"This record rocks....Barbed, diverse, resilient, post-modern" -HITS MAG
"Best Album of the Year, Best NYC Artist" -SOUND VIEWS

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Last updated: July 10, 2004

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