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An a cappella supergroup? Sounds paradoxical, absurd, perhaps even dangerous; but The GrooveBarbers is all these things...and more. Hand-ladled from the cream of the a cappella crop, each member of this all-vocal powerhouse quartet is a bona fide star in his own right. Sean Altman, Charlie Evett and Steve Keyes are all former members of the pioneering contemporary a cappella group Rockapella. With the addition of renowned vocal guru Kevin Weist, The GrooveBarbers have immediately established themselves as the 'go to' vocal group for rock, doo-wop, jazz and even (no way!) barbershop!
SEAN ALTMAN is considered a legend of the modern a cappella movement. He is the only three-time winner of the Contemporary A Cappella Society's "Best Original Song" award, and was awarded 1996's "Best Male Vocalist" prize. For eleven years, he was a lead singer, arranger and composer for the pioneering group Rockapella, with whom he released nine CDs and starred in the five- year PBS-TV series Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego? Sean composed the ubiquitous "Carmen Sandiego" theme song, which continues to get international airplay. His solo debut CD, Seandemonium,a collection of original a cappella and guitar power-pop, was glowingly reviewed in Time Out New York, New York Newsday and New York Press, which dubbed Sean "the anti-Kurt Cobain."
CHARLIE EVETT is a giant in the field of a cappella bass singing. His thumping lines and Richter- scale solos powered Rockapella to national prominence, and now he is the sturdy foundation beneath The GrooveBarbers, which he co-founded. His signature solos include "North to Alaska" and the smoothest "Sixty-Minute Man" in the business. Charlie is also an accomplished classical singer and a long-time member of the acclaimed Boston Cecilia.
STEVE KEYES, a founder of Rockapella, has long been considered a premier high tenor and rock/blues soloist of the a cappella scene. Since his landmark performance of "Flat Tire" on the ground-breaking TV documentary Spike Lee & Company-Do It A Cappella, Keyes' awesome vocal stylings and winning persona have earned him legions of fans and imitators. His signature solos on "Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress," "Keep On Smilin'," and "Crazy 'bout An Automobile" have cemented his reputation as both a smooth falsetto crooner and a power rock wailer. Since leaving Rockapella, Keyes has been a featured solist with the New Choral Society of Central Westchester, and now enjoys acclaim as a co-founder of The GrooveBarbers.
KEVIN the other guy. Although he resembles former Soviet dictator Vladimir Lenin, he has long enjoyed the democratic practice of a cappella singing -- most notably as the director of The Williams Octet and his NYC-based group, the Lemmings. He has written and arranged a cappella songs for television (MTV's Just Say Julie, Nickelodeon, TNT) and composed the infamous cockroach songs for the MTV feature film musical Joe's Apartment. (The New York Times wrote, "The film's highlights are its musical numbers...Some viewers will still want to reach for the Raid.") Kevin joined The GrooveBarbers in 1997 and already smells a little like Elliott Kerman.
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