Sean's Maternal Great-Grandmother
(Grandma Rose's Mother)
Sean's Maternal Great-Grandmother My great-grandmother Ida, a.k.a. "Baba," arrived from eastern Europe around the turn of the century.

She had many gigs:
1. seamstress,
2. building superintendent, which required her to shovel coal every morning,
3.matchmaker, which earned her commissions for romantic set-ups,
4.brokering used clothes, kind of like a walking consignment shop.

Baba was recognizable in her trademark blue beret and, according to my mom, "had a nose to be reckoned with." After her divorce ("The Altman Curse"), she raised her daughters (my grandma Rose and her sister Goldie) on NYC's Hester Street, while her ex-husband Samuel Gold (a carpenter) took their three sons.
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