Blind Dates -
The Next Generation
Blind Dates - the Next Generation
Ah... to be twenty and fresh-faced again! This second incarnation of Blind Dates (L-R: Josh Deutsch, me, Dave Ward, Jason Spingarn) became a popular staple of the Providence club scene. Our regular haunts were Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel, The Living Room, and numerous events at Brown, where we were the most successful campus band. We played the best Boston and New York clubs with limited success, but were always a hit on campuses, especially at women's colleges such as Wheaton, Smith and Wellesley. This foursome released two infectious singles on my dorm-room record label, Savage Records: "Don't" b/w "Hold On" and "Radio" b/w "Second Hand," and an "MTV Basement Tapes" video for "Radio." This shot was taken in a squash court at Brown.
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