Blind Dates - In the Beginning
Blind Dates - the original band
Blind Dates is born, and I suck in my cheeks for the first of many rock 'n' roll photo sessions. Guitarist/composer Josh Deutsch (back right), bassist Terence Lam (center) and drummer Jason Spingarn were my new wave-y bandmates. Josh, Terence and I had been high school classmates in the Bronx; and Jason was a friend of a friend. Josh and I were housemates all through Brown University, and we formed Blind Dates from the wreckage of The Generics, our sophomore-year cover band. Skinny ties, striped shirts, frenzied new wave dancing, provocative posters, and a repertoire of Deutsch's ska & reggae-inflected pop songs, many with just gibberish for lyrics. Terence was in the band for just one summer; then he went back to Tufts, Deutsch and I lured Jason to Providence, and we resumed gigging with The Generics' bassist, Dave Ward. (1981)
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