photo by sarah lyman A house concert with
Sean Altman
Saturday, April 27, 2002
Doors open at 7 p.m.
Ezra Stiles Little Theater

Pumped-Up PR:
Sean's a musical whiz-boy. Founder and erstwhile lead singer of the singing group Rockapella, he is the only three-time winner of the Contemporary A Cappella Society's Original Song of the Year award, as well as a Best Male Vocalist honoree. Rockapella released nine cd's with Sean, toured internationally and yes, appeared on that Carmen Sandiego show you probably saw on PBS when you were a kid. Don't cop out, you know you can still sing the lyrics. Since departing from the group, Sean has released two albums, seanDEMOnium and this year's alt.mania. Sean's "Unhappy Anniversary" was covered by Vitamin C on her platinum Elektra debut album. He's made music with Victoria Shaw, Jian Ghomeshi of Moxy Fruvous, David Yazbek (of B'way Full Monty fame), alt-rocker Patti Rothberg, journalist Rob Tannenbaum, and Noel Cohen. You can catch him of late as part of NYC's famed Loser's Lounge series, with the alt-barbershop quartet the GrooveBarbers, or full-on with his Muscular Band. The press digs him too:
"His silky tenor voice produced chills..." -NEW YORK TIMES
"A quirky mix of killer hooks and cheeky instrumentation" -TIME OUT NY
"The CD blows me away. This guy is the anti-Kurt Cobain" -NEW YORK PRESS
"A pure popster....An eclectic and eccentric edge" -GOLDMINE
"This record rocks....Barbed, diverse, resilient, post-modern" -HITS MAG
"Best Album of the Year, Best NYC Artist" -SOUND VIEWS

What All That Really Means:
He'll rock you so hard you'll need a stepladder to scratch your ass. Be there or be square.

For on-campus folk, drag your feet there. Put prox card to gate. You should know how to do this by now.
For outside visitors: Take I-91 to exit 3 (Trumbull Street); continue straight and turn left at the fourth light onto Prospect Street. You will see a cemetary on your right and a large domed building ahead. Turn right at that domed building onto Tower Parkway. Ride all the way around, and after the light turn left down Broadway. I recommend you park in the lot immediately to your left as you go down the street. Walk through the archway labeled "Yale Bookstore" and hang a left into the black iron Ezra Stiles gate (the building resembles a large slab of peanut brittle). Signs will direct you from there. If you're really long-range, take Metro-North to the end of the New Haven line, grab a cab and tell 'em you want off at the Bookstore on Broadway.

[ photo credit: Sarah Lyman ]

Sean's Web site